Turkish Radiation Oncologist in Dubai

Evrim Meeuw

Neuro Spinal Hospital

What is Radiation Oncology?

Radiation is a special type of energy carried by waves or particles. It can be produced by special devices or released by so-called radioactive substances. This energy is used in medicine for imaging purposes, such as chest X-rays. Special technologically advanced devices are needed to direct radiation to the diseased organ. The use of high doses of radiation energy for treatment is called “radiotherapy” or “radiation therapy”.

Radiotherapy is used for many types of cancer in almost every part of the body. Radiotherapy is also used in most cancer patients. In some types of cancer, radiotherapy may be the only solution. Radiotherapy can be applied together with chemotherapy to get more results. Radiotherapy is sometimes given before surgery to shrink the tumor. In some tumors, it is applied to remove cancer cells that may remain after surgery. There are also methods where radiotherapy is applied during surgery. There may also be types of cancer where radiotherapy and chemotherapy are applied directly without surgery.

In some cases where it is not possible to cure the disease completely, radiotherapy can also be applied to reduce the patient’s complaints such as pain and bleeding. This type of treatment is called “palliative treatment”.